About our ingredients

The Nama Kiss Way

We produce insanely delicious chocolate confections from raw and organic plant-based ingredients. NK sweets do not contain dairy, eggs, soy, or gluten, and are free of white sugar, additives, and preservatives. They are handmade several times a week in small batches to ensure the tastiest and healthiest product possible.

Current Products

Cacao Truffle Squares...decadent, fudgy chocolate made from plant-based, organic ingredients

Individual Size

Family Size

Box of 12

A little about the owners

Andi & Angi

Nama Kiss was initially started by sisters Angi and Andi Wolfgang in 2008 during their 6-year stint in Tokyo, Japan. As ardent raw vegans, they dreamed of creating a healthy, dairy-free confection that was as creamy and intoxicating as chocolate should be! They worked tirelessly and gladly ate obscene amounts of cacao all in the name of honing their chocolate recipes and growing their small business.

Andi restarted Nama Kiss in Boston, MA in June of 2016.

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